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Welcome to Ferndale Forward, the official informational site of the Ferndale Schools 2020 Bond Initiative.  

In March of 2020 Ferndale Schools will be asking the community to consider a zero mil increase bond initiative which would yield more than $60 million for our schools. What does that mean to our residents?  On this site you will learn about the Bond process the district is currently undergoing and how to join us in this vital endeavour.  

From the Superintendent

In 2012, the Board of Education began to envision what Ferndale Schools would look like in the future by drafting a Strategic Plan. During this process, the Board engaged with the community extensively to determine its concerns and needs, while commissioning  a comprehensive analysis of our buildings to determine the most efficient and effective use of the School District’s resources moving forward. After careful consideration, the Board of Education approved the Strategic Plan and developed a visionary goal to move our district into the future.

This is an awesome time to be an Eagle because of the exciting changes that are already underway! Beginning in the fall of 2016, Ferndale elementary students will be engaging with the rigorous Cambridge International curriculum while continuing to benefit from our Open Classroom tradition. Students will also participate in project-based and experiential learning and gain access to Spanish at an early age. Ferndale will continue to welcome parents and community members into our schools as partners in education and progress. These are exceptional opportunities that mirror our unique and diverse Ferndale community.

The story of our restructuring and the process we are now undergoing is extensive and inspiring. Please spend a few minutes reviewing this site to learn all about how these changes will impact the district.

Blake J. Prewitt, Ed. S.
Ferndale Schools

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To learn more about school bonds and other important information about our process, visit our Q&A page.
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We have put together a full timeline from October 2018 until March 2020 for the Bond Process. You can download our calendar of events, or view our interactive timeline on our Calendar page.
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To get involved in the Ferndale Schools Bond process, call (248)586-8676 or email Bill Good, Director of Communications, at bill.good@ferndaleschools.org.