The following items have been discussed as the committee’s primary areas of focus for this year:


While the committee will not be involved in making staffing decisions, they will be working with human resources to make sure that staff members have input as to any change in building or assignment.  Classroom placements, as well as structure and changes to special programs (foreign language, music, art, PE, special ed, intervention programs, etc.) will also be a focus of our work, in consultation with other committees. 


We will coordinate the process of identifying a moving company for those changing buildings or classrooms,  and make sure appropriate communication happens regarding technology, furnishings, boxes, phones, etc.


We will work with the Director of Transportation to establish ideal start and end times for each building, and to communicate early and effectively with parents in terms of bus routes and plans.

School-Aged Child Care

Multiple options for latchkey  have been discussed, each with pros and cons. We will continue to update the community as more information is available.


The following timeline is a living document and will be updated as events are added or deleted. Click on a month to see what is happening. Click again to hide the information for that month.


November 16th
Committee Meeting: 5pm, FHS Media Center
Meet with transportation to develop plans and explore building start times
Walk buildings with admin to determine JFK, Roosevelt, FMS, and Coolidge/UHS building needs

December 14th
Committee Meeting: 5pm, FHS Media Center
Collect information from technology department- phones, computers, boards, etc.
Recommendations to cabinet: transportation/ start times
Discuss information from building walk-throughs

January 27th
Committee Meeting: 4pm, FHS Media Center
Share information from other committees on professional development plans in transition

January 31st
Target for releasing preliminary staffing
Present latchkey recommendations to cabinet

Bid process for moving company
Target for guidelines for staff for moving

Award bid for moving company